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Skincare is important to your dentist. Why? Because dental care focuses on the health of the whole patient, not just the mouth. Oral hygiene doesn’t just stop at the gums and teeth. The mouth is the gateway to your overall health. Including your skin. Research shows a relationship between oral and systemic health, but it also shows a link between oral health and skin. Poor oral health can result in various health and skin conditions. For example, stubborn acne and skin blemishes can be caused by bacteria in your mouth or infections in your teeth.

Skin Diseases That Are Directly Related to Oral Health

Psoriasis’ Links to Periodontitis

Psoriasis has the strongest correlation between skin diseases and periodontitis, especially if a patient smokes, drinks, or is overweight. The oral microbiome of bacteria can cause psoriasis outbreaks, and there is always a strong chance of cross-reactivity. While psoriasis is linked to poor oral health and manifests itself in the mouth as bleeding, lesions, and decay, gum disease can also increase the risk for psoriasis. Understanding how psoriasis affects teeth is crucial in developing comprehensive dental care plans for individuals with this skin condition. It is essential for individuals with psoriasis to prioritize their oral hygiene to mitigate the risk of complications with their teeth.

Dermatitis and Eczema’s Implications for Oral Health

During a breakout, gingival bleeding and tooth infections increase, and, unfortunately, the usual prescription of a steroid can worsen the problem. Patients who have eczema or dermatitis also have a higher tendency to be allergic to silver fillings. It’s imperative for dental professionals to consider alternative treatments for individuals with these skin conditions to avoid exacerbating oral health issues.

Aphthous Stomatitis’ Oral Health Risks

With aphthous stomatitis, flare-ups coincide with more plaque and an increased risk for oral infections. Maintaining meticulous oral hygiene practices during these periods is crucial in minimizing plaque accumulation and preventing further oral health complications.

Lichen Planus’ Connection to Periodontal Disease

There is a strong connection between lichen planus and periodontal diseases, including an increase in gingival bleeding, since the amount of plaque and tartar are high in these patients. Regular professional dental cleanings and diligent oral hygiene routines are essential in managing periodontal disease in individuals with lichen planus to mitigate its oral health impact.

Pemphigoid and Pemphigus’ Association with Oral Lesions

These disorders cause lesions in the mouth and are also exacerbated by poor oral health. Proper oral hygiene practices and regular dental check-ups are essential in managing oral lesions associated with pemphigoid and pemphigus, reducing the risk of further complications and discomfort.

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Chronic periodontitis contributes to the worsening of already present skin disorders. Improvement in dental care and dental hygiene can cause positive outcomes in patients with many skin diseases. The inflammatory pathways exacerbated by periodontitis directly affect your entire body, even your skin. Taking proper care of your teeth can improve your health, and skin, and boost your confidence. Vice versa, taking care of your skin can improve the health of your mouth. Flossing, brushing, replacing metal fillings with white fillings, and a proper skincare routine that includes a physical (not chemical) sunscreen will keep your mouth and body healthy and happy.

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