Beyond Aesthetics: The Functional Benefits and Health Benefits of Dentistry

A beautiful smile can be great for your confidence, but the benefits of Functional Dentistry extend well beyond aesthetics by improving the health and usability of your teeth and mouth.

WHAT Is Functional Dentistry?

Conventional dentistry focuses on treating symptoms using fillings, crowns, and extractions and deals with immediate concerns such as toothaches or periodontal (gum and bone) infection.

Functional dentistry is different- It shifts the paradigm towards addressing the root causes of oral health issues by allowing dentists to solve problems before they become more severe instead of reacting to potential new problems.

HOW Is Functional Dentistry Different From Conventional Dentistry?

Functional dentistry is different from the conventional approach in the following ways:

It is holistic. Instead of limiting medical analysis to the oral cavity, functional dentists see the mouth as a gateway to the whole body, linking to broader heart and metabolic health.

It is personalized and proactive. Patients can receive individualized care with the functional approach designed around his/her/their unique health needs to prevent future disease and dental work.

It works collaboratively with other fields. Functional dentistry attempts to keep teeth and the entire body’s systems in the best condition possible for longer by working in conjunction with other fields such as sleep medicine, dermatology, myofunctional therapy, integrative specialties, and orthodontics. It, therefore, aims to maximize the time a patient’s teeth and body maintain their prime condition.

Functional dentistry could be the solution if traditional dental work hasn’t generated the desired results. Instead of addressing problems (such as simply filling cavities), it addresses causative factors, such as undiagnosed or untreated diabetes.

WHY Functional Dentistry Is Superior To Conventional Dentistry

Functional dentistry is superior to the conventional alternative for the following reasons:

Reduced Risk Of Systemic Health Issues

Functional dentistry can reduce the risk of systemic health issues caused by poor oral health. Maintaining healthy teeth and gums prevents excessive inflammation that can lead to damage elsewhere in the body.

Damaged teeth and gums provide an entry point for harmful bacteria into the bloodstream. These germs can cause more severe harm and possibly lead to additional health complications, such as heart disease and diabetes.

According to Harvard Health research, oral health issues can also increase the risk of serious cardiovascular events like strokes and heart attacks. Higher inflammatory signaling makes arterial plaques less stable, which increases the risk of clots or blockages in blood vessels.

Poor oral health may also be a risk factor for diabetes because of it’s effect on insulin signaling. An increase in inflammation makes it harder for cellular machinery to grab glucose molecules from the bloodstream, thereby increasing blood sugar levels.

Functional dentistry understands this and addresses these issues at the source.

Protection of Teeth From Wear And Tear

Functional dental work can protect your teeth from wear and tear. Instead of simply creating a nightguard to prevent nighttime grinding, which only helps protect the teeth at night, a Functional Dentist will address the root cause of the grinding.

Maintenance of Facial Structure And Prevention of Premature Aging

Visiting a Functional Dentist can also help maintain facial structure and reduce the risk of aging and wrinkles. That’s because Functional Dentists understand the value of supporting facial muscles and bones, which helps to maintain proper shape.

When teeth are missing, the jaw doesn’t experience the same level of chewing forces, so the surrounding muscles and bone begin to deteriorate. Failing to address these issues can lead to a sunken look and a weakened jawbone that can no longer accept implants without reconstruction.

Fortunately, early identification of oral health issues, such as periodontitis or tooth decay, can eliminate this risk. Going to a Functional Dentist regularly will enable you to maintain your face shape and prevent unnecessary aging.

Reduction of Long-Term Health Costs

Functional Dentistry can reduce your long-term healthcare costs considerably. Receiving preventive treatments can reduce future bills and prevent additional health problems from developing, as noticed above.

Call Your Functional Dentist in Richmond, VA, For Guidance

Talk to our professional team here at the Cosmetic and Laser Dental Spa of Richmond if you would like to learn more about dentistry’s functional and health benefits. Our Richmond-based Dentists are more than happy to discuss your options with you to help improve your oral health. Book an appointment with us to get started.

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