Your Mouth and Gut have More in Common than Just Food. Ask Your Dentist Why

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There are many things in life we postpone for another day.

Life gets busy, and before we know it, other matters are prioritized for a variety of different reasons.

Not enough hours in the day, right?

And so, the internal dialog begins.

“I just don’t have time for a dental appointment right now. Maybe tomorrow.”

“I’ll have time next week.”

Guess what?

Next week will be busy too.

Work, social, and family commitments are just some excuses we use for not calling the dentist when we should.

There’s never a perfect time, but today is the perfect day to prioritize your well-being. Your health is the most valuable part of your life — it is your life!

And while a trip to the dentist might not seem as high on the to-do list as that annual check-up with your general practitioner, it’s quite the contrary. As one of your body’s primary passages, your mouth is the gateway to your health.

It is crucial your dental health not be delayed any further.

What Does Your Mouth and Gut Have In Common:

This Is Where It All Begins

We’ve all heard about the importance of gut health. A happy belly makes a happy body. So, what lies at the beginning of the entrance to the gut?

You guessed it. Your mouth.

This is where oral hygiene and overall gut health intertwine.

Anything that passes through your mouth has the potential to affect the health of your gut.

If mouth health is lacking, chances are so will be its close neighbor, the gut. And like some of the more intrusive types of neighbors, your gut likes to reveal all of your secrets.

Improving gut health all starts with removing harmful bacteria in the mouth. So, what do bacteria have to do with it?


There are good and bad bacteria in all of us, and when it comes to fighting away the bad guys, your mouth is your best advocate.

Harmful bacteria are the epitome of opportunism.

If bacteria were a person, it would be one who hides your keys when you’re in a hurry, never passes on phone messages, and will abscond with one of your socks and blame it on the dryer. Every time.

In reality, these unsympathetic bacteria can lead to bad breath, decay, and infection, which can all have a domino effect on overall health. Bad germs in the mouth can cause serious illness and disease, like severe heart conditions, autoimmune disorders, diabetes, and digestive problems.

Your mission is to eliminate bad bacteria in the mouth before it can cause further problems.

So what’s the best way to prevent bacteria from leading to health complications?

Stop it in its tracks.

Every day our bodies work tirelessly to protect us from the nasties that can affect our health.

The least we can do is help it along.

Why We Shouldn’t Delay a Visit to the Dentist

There are many reasons why we put it off, but the key is to focus on the more positive outcomes of making and keeping that appointment.

Prioritize Your Mouth Health

Taking charge of your own oral health is very satisfying. Look at it this way.

You’re solving a problem, not creating new ones.

One More To-Do Ticked off Your List

This speaks for itself.

Set and achieve your overall health goals.

Feel Better

Physical pain and ill-health can directly affect mental strength and our capacity for resilience.

Commit yourself to feel better.

If You Do Nothing Else, Do this

Your dentist is one of your best advocates when it comes to whole-body health, but it’s a team effort.

Recognition of what it means to treat your entire being, as opposed to just one part of you at a time, is the very thing that will lead to full and complete well-being.

No matter what stage of life you’re in, approaching your health care with a mindset of prevention-over-cure is essential for your longevity. With this perspective, you can achieve great things.

Start with scheduling that delayed dentist consultation and enjoy a holistic approach to health.

Take the Next Step to Whole Body Health by Visiting a Dentist in Richmond, VA

There’s more to oral health than you realize.

Supporting whole body health begins with the mouth.

Eliminate harmful bacteria, enjoy a perfect smile and restore your overall health.

It’s easier than you think. You’ll wonder why you ever waited.

Make that choice today.

Let us teach you the fundamentals of whole-body care through the first point of call, oral hygiene.

Call us on (804) 784-2386 or contact us online.

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